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FIELD REPORT – A different way of doing things

The enormous price tag associated with Positive Train Control captures a lot of the headlines in this industry. For the railroads that are mandated to implement the technology, more practical matters capture their focus, such as what conduits need to be installed and in what location in order to be ready by the 2015 deadline. […]

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For a Successful Finish, Start with the Right Tools

Randy Happel — May 01, 2009 When Brian Kenkel decided the time was right to start his own business, there were several underground drilling contractors already firmly established. Having been involved with horizontal directional drilling (HDD) for several years before he and two business partners founded Hurk Underground, based in Grinnell, Iowa, Kenkel was confident […]

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HDD Culvert Cleaning Proves Effective

By Jeff Griffin, Senior Editor | MARCH 2010 VOL. 65 NO. 3 Most travelers are unaware of the complexity of engineering and constructing modern highways and streets, and many of the most critical elements that make a roadway safe and able to withstand heavy traffic for years into the future are not readily apparent. Culverts play […]

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Culvert Replacement On the Ice Road Truckers Highway

By Jeff Griffin, Senior Editor | MARCH 2010 VOL. 65 NO. 3 Harr Technologies’ trenchless method of cleaning culverts and its successful use on projects in Alaska resulted in company owner Bob Harr being asked to help solve a critical problem threatening to close the James Dalton Highway, well known to American television audiences from the […]

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