Wick Boring
We specialize in culvert cleaning, culvert restoration & specialize in subsurface drainage.

URK Underground utilized patented technology and methodology for new installation of subsurface drainage. The method does not need the railroad track, road surface or compaction to be cut and removed. The Wick facilitates removal of sub water under railroads, highways and other surfaces to prevent track failure, road separation and other damage and allows sub surface water to be wicked out toward existing ditch drainages. Wick drainage pipe is placed using a Horizontal Directional Drill (HDD) method using only water, since bentonite would seal the wick. The wick is placed into a HDPE casing and attached to the back reamer of the HDD. The casing and wick is pulled under the surface using HDD method. Once casing emerges from underground, the wick is tied securely opposite of the HDD by the Nylon rope that is woven into the wick. The casing is then removed by HDD leaving the wick drain under the surface. The casing joints are removed as they become visible. All joints are removed leaving the wick underground. Extensions of ADS pipe are added if necessary to flow to existing drainage structures.

Several wick drains have been installed to alleviate “mud pots” on railroad tracks. The wick drains were installed for BNSF in Kansas City, MO at the Sugar Creek Depot and Emporia, KS

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