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Culvert Cleaning

With the awareness of environmental hazards detailed by federal and local regulations, it is important that drainage structures are properly maintained.

In the past these structures have not been given the attention they deserve. Many culverts in the U.S. have never been cleaned which has resulted in damages to the structures themselves, roads, ditches, personal property and even people.

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Wick Boring

HURK Underground utilized patented technology and methodology for new installation of subsurface drainage.

The method does not need the railroad track, road surface or compaction to be cut and removed. The Wick facilitates removal of sub water under railroads, highways and other surfaces to prevent track failure, road separation and other damage and allows sub surface water to be wicked out toward existing ditch drainages…

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Culvert Lining

With the use of a directional drill’s thrust, pullback, rotation and fluid, HURK Underground Technologies can successfully pull in a culvert liner to repair damaged areas due to separation or void in current culvert structures.

After the installation of a culvert liner, grout is applied to the ends of the liner to prevent infiltration of road base, ballast, water or waste.

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Culvert Banding

Banding is a method of taking a pre-loaded piece of steel and with the use of a directional drill inserting the band into a section of culvert that has separated.

Once the band is in place, the tension will be released and the band will take the shape of the culvert pipe. Once the band is set, grout and sealant will be applied.

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Pipe Swallowing

Culvert swallowing is a great alternative to open cutting a culvert.

Once a culvert has failed, it needs to be replaced. Currently this involves cutting open the road or railway that runs over the failed culvert structure. This method is very costly and very inefficient. Culvert Swallowing provides an alternative method to avoid these inefficiencies and costs. Culvert swallowing is achieved by placing a casing around the failed culvert.

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